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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Is A Call

Hello from my blog's new home base - the center of the sun!!

(Seriously, this year we didn't even have a Spring in Milwaukee.  We just went right from 40 and 50 degree days straight to a heat index of 100....)

Anyway, on to the business at hand.  This post's title is not merely meant to be a nod to a great song by a great band - side note: if you like rock music you should absolutely go buy the Foo Fighters' new album "Wasting Light".  You won't be disappointed - this is also a call to help me finish off a couple of 2010 base sets! For a while now I've had to see the last remnants of my want list sitting there, mocking me, everytime I open that page.  So let's put 2010 Topps and Topps Chrome to rest, shall we?  If anyone can come up with the following cards I'm sure I can find something to trade that you'll like:

Topps: #417-Dallas Braden, #488-Delwyn Young, #568-Jarrod Saltalamacchia, #US-72- Milton Bradley

Topps Chrome: #194-Cesar Valdez, #205-Ian Desmond, #211-Sergio Santos, #219-Drew Stubbs, #220-Wade Davis

Also, I'd love to set up a trade for some 2011 Topps Heritage.  My needs list was recently added to my "Help Me Complete a Set" page and I have a good number of doubles, so if you're looking to finish your set hit me up!

Previous Trivia Question:
What was Jerry Dior's big contribution to Major League Baseball?
Answer:  He is the creator of the MLB logo we all know and love:
It was once rumored that Harmon Killibrew served as the model for the logo, but Dior says that is completely not true, claiming the logo sprung from a composite of several photos of players. (And really, couldn't that logo look like virtually any player?  Hell, you can visualize the batter as being right OR left-handed!)
Today's Trivia Question:
What city hosted the hottest game ever played in recorded history, which happened just last season?


  1. Wasting Light is awesommmmmmmmeeeee!!!!!

    I'll check on those cards you listed, maybe I have a few.

  2. Greetings. I have some cards for you and I'll set them aside if you still need them.

    2011 Heritage: 103, 107, 196, 199, 250, 357, BF9

    2010 Topps: US-72

    E-mail is on my blog but here it is if you need it:

    I believe my lists are updated except I need to update my 2011 Heritage and 08 Masterpiece tonight due to some trades that came in.


  3. I've got the other three 2010 cards you need (417, 488, 568) and one of the Heritage SP (477). I probably have some other of the regular Heritage cards you need, but won't be able to look right now.

    My Heritage Want list is here: