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Want List: Griffey Cards

Now of course the full want list of Griffey cards reads "All of them", but since that isn't very useful I am keeping an ongoing list for myself of cool-looking Griffey cards that I found on eBay that I want to get someday.  (I have to write them down somewhere or else they disappear down the memory hole).

1992 Arena Holograms GOLD hologram set
1993 Stadium Club Murphy #56 (great photo w/All-Star Game MVP trophy)
1993 Topps Gold base card
1993 Upper Deck base card with gold hologram on back
1994 Alark Taco Time 3x5 Gold Foil (Camden Yards HR story on back)
1994 Denny's hologram
1994 Flair Hot Glove die cut
1995 Denny's hologram
1995 Leaf Limited Gold Parallel
1995 Pinnacle Museum #128 (dufex style)
1995 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle - make sure dufex side is Griffey, not Bonds!!!
1995 Score Dream Team Gold Hologram
1995 Select Certified Gold Team
1995 SP - all foil color versions (Red, silver, etc.)
1995 SP Championship #185 (great photo)
1995 Stadium Club Clear Cut
1995 Studio Platinum Credit Card
1995 Ultra Diamond Producers #3 of 12
1995 Upper Deck Postseason Magic Memories "Mail-In" card
1995 Zenith "All Star Salute" Foil #15
1995 Zenith Z-Team (dufex style)
1996 Pinnacle Starburst Hardball Heroes #155 (dufex style)
1996 Select En Fuego (dufex style)
1996 Ultra Hitting Machines die cut #4
1996 Ultra Thunderclap
1996 Upper Deck "A Cut Above" die cut
1997 New Pinnacle Keeping the Pace (is there a foil and non-foil?)
1997 New Pinnacle Spellbound J-U-N-I-O-R 
1997 Pinnacle Certified Lasting Impressions die cut #2
1997 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle
1997 SPx Green die cut
1997 Topps All Stars Foil
1997 Topps Team Timber wood card
1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated "Yankee Killer" cover Extra Edition parallel
1998 Skybox Circa Thunder Quick Strike die cut
1998 SPx Green Promo card
1998 Topps Gallery of Heroes Stained Glass Jumbo
1998 Ultra Thunderclap
1998 Upper Deck National Pride die cut American Flag #NP39
1999 Bowman Chrome Diamond Aces #DA11
1999 Fleer Brilliants Blue Variation
1999 Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars
1999 Pacific Crown Collection die cut #4
1999 Skybox Metal Universe Planet Metal die cut #13
1999 Stadium Club Triumverate Luminescent die cut #T3B
1999 Topps Gallery #6
1999 UD HoloGrFx Future Fame Gold Parallel
1999 Ultra Thunderclap
2000 Finest Dreamcast (dufex style)
2000 Fleer Focus Pocus
2000 Fleer Showcase Long Gone die cut #LG9
2000 Pacific #393 Ruby (multiple colors) - (great photo)
2000 Pacific Gold Crown die-cut
2000 Pacific Private Stock "Extreme Action" #18 (great photo)
2000 SP Authentic Top Prospects Minor Memories Foil #JR4
2000 Stadium Club Illuminator die cut #8A
2000 Topps Stat Stars Hologram background
2000 UD Black Diamond Piece of History bat relic
2001 Finest All Stars #FAS10
2001 Stadium Club Beam Team
2002 Playoff Piece of the Game with game-used base
2004 Topps Hit Parade Hologram
2006 Finest x-fractor (#ed/250)
2007 UD Spectrum Jersey Patch (#ed/199)
2008 Topps Co-Signers Hyper-Plaid Green (#ed/25)
2009 Topps Tribute (and parallels)
2013 Gypsy Queen #79 - ALL variations (mini, color, etc)
2013 Panini Certified USA Baseball Champions Emerald (#ed/199)
2013 Topps Archives Orange Day Glow Parallel #92 (base version too?)
2013 Topps Chasing History #CH-18 Holo-Foil version
2013 Topps Cut to the Chase die cut refractor
2013 Topps Commemorative Patch All-Star Game MVP patch
2013 Topps Commemorative Rookie Card patch
2013 Topps Commemorative Pin 1997 RBIs
2013 Topps Manu-Patch with Mariner Logo Patch
2013 Topps Tribute - all color variations
2014 Stadium Club Legends die cut #LDC8
2014 Topps 1989 die cut
2014 Topps Commemorative Patch All-Star Rookie Cup patch
2014 Topps Archives Gold Rainbow refractor (#ed/199)
2014 Topps Supreme Styling Orange die cut (other colors)

Expensive Cards (for WAY in the future):
1994 Collector's Choice GOLD Signature (great photo)
1994 SP Red Holoview
1996 Donruss Power Alley die cut (#ed 5000)
1996 Select Hall of Fame die cut (#ed/2100)
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Blue #53
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Blue #136
1997 Topps Chrome Diamond Duos Refractor
1998 Leaf Statistical Standouts die cut (#ed/250)
1998 Pacific Invincible Cramer's Choice Green Foil (#ed/99)
1998 Ultra Diamond Immortals die cut
1999 Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars Pulsar
1999 Pacific Dynagon Diamond Titanium (#ed/99)
1999 UD Ultimate Victory Rainbow parallel (#ed/100)

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