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Saturday, March 1, 2014

You May Already Be a Winner! - Contest Results from Last Season

Last spring I did a post for my second annual MLB Prediction Contest, where I asked all of you to pick who would make the playoffs and which players would lead the league in key stats.  I didn't anticipate falling off the face of the blogging Earth shortly thereafter.  But here at The Common (Card) Man, when we say there are going to be prizes for a contest, then dammit, there's gonna be prizes, even if they are months late!

Since I didn't get to do the originally planned mid-season prize, I decided to award prizes to the top 2 finishers for the year. And boy was it a close one! Here are the results:

1. Dhoff - 128 points
2. Greg Zakwin - 127
3.The Diamond King - 119
4. Wilson - 113
5. Coronado2010 - 110
6. gcrl - 109
7. Play at the Plate - 108
8.  (tie) P-Town Tom & Dion's IP Autos Only - 98
10. The Lost Collector - 79
11. Superduperman99 - 75
12. Scott Crawford - 66

For detailed results, pick by pick, click here:

2013 MLB Prediction Contest Results

Dhoff and Greg Zakwin were neck and neck, but it was Dhoff nailing the Wins leader (Max Scherzer) that sealed the deal.  I will be reaching out to you guys about sending some prizes.

While picking the World Series winner wasn't officially part of the contest, everyone entered a pick - not only did no one pick the Red Sox to win it all, not one person even picked them to make the playoffs!  No one said predicting the future is easy!

People were generally more successful picking the playoff teams for the National League, though no one picked Pittsburgh to reach the postseason.  The LA Angels were easily the most disappointing team of the year judging by how heavily they were picked.

For the stats categories, picking Clayton Kershaw in the pitching categories was generally a recipe for success.  The offensive categories were tougher, though you couldn't go too wrong picking Miguel Cabrera.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  I plan on doing it again this year so I hope to see all of you back again!