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Thursday, August 25, 2011


A normal trip to Target turned into a trip back in time to my childhood this week:


Finding this in the baseball card section made me so inappropriately happy for someone who is turning 30 this year.  I may or may not have reacted like Ned Flanders when he saw purple drapes....  ;)

Things aren't exactly the same as they were since Topps is in charge instead of Panini. For one, the stickers come in a small pack that is more like regular baseball cards....
... instead of the classic paper packs of yore:

Note to Topps:  THIS is what a pack of stickers looks like.

But that's a minor quibble.  More importantly, do they still have the silver foil team logos and star players?

You bet your ass they do!!!
The foil players are 9 of the all time greats of the game.  I seem to recall in past years that it used to be every team had a foil of their star player.  Oh well, maybe next year I can get a foil Ryan Braun.  But what a fun trip down memory lane!

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Answer:  There are 108 stitches on a baseball.
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Ty Cobb made himself famous as a member of the Detroit Tigers, but with what team did he finish out his career?

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  1. Cobb played his final two seasons with the Philadelphia Athletics.