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Friday, May 18, 2012

Just the Autograph I Wanted

When I looked at the autograph checklist for 2011's American Pie set, I had a lot of "Who?" reactions.  Many of the ones I DID know I had no interest in having their autograph.  There was however one man whose auto I would have liked, and amazingly that's just the card my fiance pulled from a pack!!

Beyond his fine work as a sportscaster, Mr. Costas was also involved in one of my all-time favorite TV moments when he interviewed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who apparently didn't care for Bob's questions and started losing his mind, while Bob had to try not to laugh.  "What is this, 'The Bob Costas Interrupt Show?!?!?'"

Previous Trivia Question:

What unusual feat did brothers Mike and Bob Garbark accomplish in 1944?

A:  The brothers finished the season with identical .261 batting averages (Mike was 78 for 299, and Bob was 6 for 23)

Today's Trivia Question:

What is the name of the special mud used to rub the sheen off of a new baseball?

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