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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seriously Topps, what the heck?

 A while back I pulled a redemption card from 2011 Topps American Pie for a Christopher Reeve Nickel Coin Collection card.  I was really excited! - I've never gotten one of these "coin cards" in any other sets, and come on, it's Superman~!

What I didn't realize when I pulled the card was that now I would have to deal with the Topps Redemption program.....

Inevitably the weeks passed, and then I got the famous email - "This email is to inform you that the Topps Company is currently beyond the 15 week processing time allocated for the following redemption card..."

I could maybe accept that, after all Topps must have to deal with a lot of these.  But here's the kicker....

That email was sent to me on April 27th - nearly 5 months ago - and I haven't heard another word since.

Heck, at this point I had forgotten I even had the card coming, it was a reference to a redemption card on someone else's blog that jogged my memory.

This isn't the first time I've had issues with them either.  Back in the spring I sent in two envelopes with wrappers for the Series 1 Gold Rush Redemption program - one with regular wrappers and one with jumbos.  I sent them each with the same amount of postage.  However a couple weeks later (after the program's redemption deadline had passed) one of them was returned to me for insufficient postage, and when I contacted Topps they said they would no longer honor my request since it was past the due date.

I need to ask Cynical Buddha where he got that "Countdown to the End of the Topps Monopoly" gadget for his blog...

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  1. I can't remember where it was but I think if you google blog count down timers you should be able to find one. I'm still waiting on my 2011 a&g McEnroe auto! And I know he had auto cards in 2012 a&g. Grrrr.