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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Couple New Griffeys

Just a quickie post today - I added a couple Griffeys to the collection out of the quarter bin.  Something old and something new!:

2010 Bowman Chrome - This card simply would NOT scan well...

1990 Post Cereal card from Post's first ever (I think) set

Like in my previous post, I also nabbed another card that I just thought was cool.  I loves me my holograms!..
And a former Brewer to boot!

...and once again, finding this card led me straight to eBay and another card that MUST be added to the list one day:

Chrome version, so there must be a basic one out there somewhere!

Previous Trivia Question:
What team owns the worst won-loss record in baseball history? (Hint: this goes waaaaay back!)
Answer:  The 1899 Cleveland Spiders produced an abysmal 20-134 (.130)  record.  Good work Dan!  And I actually wasn't aware of the dual-ownership of the St. Louis Perfectos being the cause, so I learned something new too!
Today's Trivia Quesiton:
What feat do Lou Gehrig, Gil Hodges, Rocky Colavito, Mark Whiten, and Mike Cameron all have in common?

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  1. I love trivia (as you can tell). I knew as soon as I saw Mark Whiten in the list....

    4 home runs in a single game.

    interesting fact: Gehrig's 4 HR game was the same date as John McGraw's retirement and didn't even make headlines in New York.