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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diamonds are Forever

I managed to give my Platinum Diamond collection a big boost last week, snaring 62 more cards for about $21 off of eBay:

This lot brings me just short of the halfway mark for Series 1, I have 156 out of 330.  It's clearly going to be quite a challenge to pull together a whole set of 990 cards (I assume there will be an Update Series again this year), but I'm still in it for the long haul.

I also came across this neat card while flipping through the $0.25 bin at my LCS:

Ivan Rodriguez "License to Skill" from 2000 Fleer Showcase
I'm a huge fan of James Bond (I own all of the movies), so when I saw this card I couldn't pass it up.  Of course, I immediately had to go online to see if a certain other player was represented in this insert set....

You better believe this one will be showing up in my collection very soon!!

Previous Trivia Question:

Robin Yount is one of 4 players to win an MVP award playing 2 different positions (in 1982 as a shortstop and 1989 as a centerfielder).  Who are the other 3?
Answer:  Hank Greenberg (1935 at 1B, 1940 at LF), Stan Musial (1943 at RF, 1946 at 1B), and Alex Rodriguez (2003 at SS, 2005 & 2007 at 3B)
Today's Trivia Question:
What team owns the worst won-loss record in baseball history? (Hint: this goes waaaaay back!)

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  1. Single Season has to be Cleveland Spiders in 1899?? The owners of the St Louis Perfectos owned both teams and divvied up the players how they wanted...