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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Three New Additions to the Griffey Collection

First off, a quick plug for Kyle over at Juust a Bit Outside - he's having an 8-box break spanning 30 years of baseball cards.  Check it out, lots of teams still available!

I recently gave the Griffey list an overdue update - I'm up to 658 total cards!  Here are a few very cool cards I've added in the past couple weeks.

1996 Studio Stained Glass Stars

This is a very neat looking card - the Mariners logo and colored "stained glass" sections are translucent.  I couldn't believe that I had never heard of this insert set before - Jo actually got this for me off of eBay as a gift. If I had known this card was out there I would have tracked it down years ago!

2002 Upper Deck Bat Around Quad Game-Used Bat Card

Another gift from Jo.  She got it at a very good price too!  I believe this is just the fourth game-used memorabilia card added to my Griffey collection.  The problem with collecting a sure-fire HoFer is that his relic cards are a bit more pricey, or at least they certainly were back in the day before jersey swatches and bat pieces flooded the market.

1994 UD Collector's Choice Home Run All-Stars Hologram

I'm a sucker for holograms.  Anytime I see one for Griffey that is an automatic purchase for me.  This one is especially cool because the hologram shows Griffey right in the middle of that sweet swing!

Previous Trivia Question:
What team was the first to feature 3 players that hit 40 home runs? (Hint: it was in 1973.)
A: The Atlanta Braves got over 40 homers each from Davey Johnson (43), Darrell Evans (41) and Hank Aaron (40).  This feat has been matched only two other times  - by the 1996 and 1997 Colorado Rockies.
Today's Trivia Question:
What is the record for most triples in a single season?


  1. The stained glass card is awesome. The 1994 Collector's Choice card is cool as well. This was an 8-card set that you could win instantly with the scratch off cards that used to come in each pack. I definitely still have my set.

  2. I love that stained glass card. I know Maddux is in the set, but I've yet to track one down.

  3. 36 triples! I know stuff that is only useful in blogo-world.

    And yes, sweet stained glass griffey!