One Man's Thoughts on Sports Card Collecting

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three New Griffeys

I took advantage of the lull in new card sets to add a fe neat Griffeys to the collection off of eBay.  First up, a pair of 1999 Topps Tek cards:

These are definitely unique looking cards, as they are basically plastic.  It's kind of hard to see against a white background, but the background design of both these cards is different.  That's because every 1999 Tek card had 60 (!!) variations - 2 different player photos, each with 30 different backgrounds.  I already had one other version in my collection, so I've got a ton of work to do if I want them all.  Additionally, each pattern variation has a gold variation that is numbered to just 10 copies.  Yikes.....

But that's not all!  I also picked up a very cool card from 1994 Stadium Club:

I remmeber wanting this card so bad back when the set came out.  The background has an etched foil look to it, very colorful and eye-catching.  Sadly, this card was printed back in the days when it was impossible to imagine Griffey going his whole career without a championship ring....


  1. Topps Tek were cool...just too many variations!

  2. I agree with AJ Tek was many variations!!!