One Man's Thoughts on Sports Card Collecting

Friday, March 30, 2012

Patching Up My Collection

I've really grown to like some of the patch cards floating around the trading card world these days.  I know some people can't stand manufactured "relics", and at times I agree (for example, with the Topps "Glove Leather Nameplates" last year), but I find the patches are often cool even if they aren't truly relics.  Case in point, this neat Warren Spahn I grabbed off of eBay:

A nice manu-patch commemorating my home state's one World Series Championship, featuring my all-time favorite pitcher.  A no-brainer addition to the collection!

Today's Trivia Question:

Who owns the bizarre claim to fame of being the only player ever traded for himself?


  1. That really ties the room together, nice snag!

  2. My father-in-law would totally geek out for that card. He'd also think that I made it. I'd probably let him, too. lol

  3. I think it was Harry Chiti for the Mets....(I dont know if you posted the answer yet)

  4. Good work Dan! Also, thanks for reminding me that I never did post the answer. :)