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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Common Cards, Uncommon Photography III

It's Round 3 in my salute to the cool card photos that all too often go unnoticed.  I may have to turn this concept into a "Frankenset" someday.  To the cards!

2004 Upper Deck Al Leiter #219:

Gotta work on those fundamentals, even in the big leagues.  The ball looks like it is glued to his bat!

1997 UD Collector's Choice Craig Biggio #350:

The first of a trio from 1997 UD Choice.  I hope the runner got that knee down, otherwise Craig was about to have a bad day....

1997 UD Collector's Choice Todd Stottlemyre #198:

"I know kung fu."

1997 UD Collector's Choice Omar Vizquel #86:

There's a lot going on in this picture - sweet car, nice awards.  But if you're like me, all you're thinking is "what in the hell is up with that shirt??"

1999 Topps Stadium Club Kevin Polcovich #6:


1993 Donruss Triple Play Awesome Action #6:

Brett is coming in a little high.  Ty Cobb would be proud.
1999 Topps Stadium Club Mickey Morandini #57:

This is a really cool camera angle, must have been a bunt.

1998 Pinnacle Livan Hernandez #172:

"Hey kid, we need a picture for your baseball card!"
(click) "Perfect!!"

2000 Topps Stadium Club Lee Stevens #144:

And finally, a photo capturing the good old "3-unassisted" play.  I think I just like this one because I'm a first baseman myself.

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