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Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 MLB Prediction Contest~! - First Half Winner Is....

Back before opening day I launched a contest for the new baseball season - people just had to predict the playoff teams and statistical leaders in a handful of categories.  The plan was to have a prize both for the end of season winner and also at the All-Star Break.  With 10 entries (counting myself and my fiance JoJoBoom, who are of course ineligible for prizes), the standings as of the Mid-Summer Classic are.........

1. Play at the Plate - 79 points (11 out of 20 predictions produced points)
2. Chunter - 72 points (11)
3. Milwaukee Southpaw - 67 points (9)
4. Steve D. - 62 points (10)
5. Kyle4KC - 59 points (10)
    The Angels In Order - 59 Points (9)
7. AdamE - 57 points (9)
8. Greg Zakwin - 54 points (11)
9. JoJoBoom - 47 points (7)
10. The Lost Collector - 45 points (6)

Congrats to Play at the Plate!  I probably still have your address from that trade we did saved somewhere, but you may as well just send it to me again - it'll go much faster.  :)

Greg Zakwin appears to be the person most likely to jump up in the standings in the second half - he was tied for most scoring predictions with 11, but unfortunately they were only good for 54 points!  If those stat leaders of his pick it up a little he could leapfrog the standings quickly.

Also don't forget - you are allowed to change any ONE pick for the second half.  Choose wisely and leave your choice in the comments section below by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 15th. (If you forgot your picks, just click the link to the contest page on the right side of my blog.


  1. Due to his injury, I'll switch Kemp out of HR leader and put in Jose Bautista please.

  2. Oh my goodness I am awful. I'll trade Phillies for Nationals, please.

  3. I'll swap Trout for Gardner for stolen bases.

  4. Very nice! I'll also trade out the Phillies for the Nationals.

  5. I'll switch out Heath Bell (yikes!) for Craig Kimbrel.