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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally Something Good From the Golden Giveaway

Like most people around the blogosphere, I've been pretty underwhelmed by Topps' Golden Giveaway.  On top of the fact that the whole "virtual coin" thing is lame, my luck with codes has been ABYSMAL - I finally got my first card on my TWENTY-SEVENTH code, and I've only gotten 1 card out of a total of 30 codes.

The good news?  The card I got was a pretty good one, of a beloved player collected by many.

Why is that good news?  Because it allowed me to execute a trade within 5 minutes of unlocking the card.

Those of you familiar with the blog can probably guess where this is going.....

Meet the newest addition to my collection~!


  1. Yer luck is about par with mine. I'm past the 60 code mark and have two 'real' cards.

    Nice job! Love Griffey!