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Friday, January 25, 2013

A Trio of NFL HoFer Patches

I actually collected quite a bit of Goodwin Champions this past year.  I really liked the black bordered base cards, though admittedly far too many came out of the packs with edges already scuffed, but I digress. The jersey patch cards looked really sharp this year, and I had some good luck in the football category:

Does Elway ever NOT look like a total dork? I actually pulled TWO of these if someone is interested in one of them.

I love "Diamond Jim" Kelly here in the Hawaiian shirt!

Easily my favorite of the bunch.  Jerry was my favorite football player as a little kid.

That's all for today.  Can't wait to bust some packs of the new Topps Baseball! (even if it does look like the exact same stuff we've been getting for 3 years.....)

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