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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Somebody at Topps Screwed Up!

I got my 36-pack box of the new Topps set (details next post!), and as I was collating the cards I noticed Topps did a little something special this year to start the set.  After card #1 (Bryce Harper) the cards have matching jersey numbers and card numbers.  For example, here's card #2:

 And card #8:
 And #19:
 This goes on for quite a while. Take a gander at cards #45, 59 and 74:
 But in the middle of this is card #23, with Jemile Weeks very conspicuously NOT being jersey #23....
I guess somebody at Topps didn't think too hard when told to "put Weeks on card #23."  :)


  1. This actually goes much deeper than what we know so far.

    Cards up in the 100-300 range also correspond to jerseys.

    Like card 321-Allen Craig #21.

  2. Rickey Weeks is on card 123 :)