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THE GREAT BIG CAT SAFARI - 3 of 15 Captured

This page is dedicated to my pursuit of all the cats in the 2011 and 2012 UD Goodwin Animal Kingdom Patches sets.  The rarity of the cards is tied to their level of endangeredness - the more endangered the animal is, the more rare the card is.  So far, I've bagged 3 of the 15 kitties.

"Least Concern" Category:

AK-6 - Cougar

AK-11 - Ocelot (post)
AK-24 - Jaguarundi (post)

AK-54 - Eurasian Lynx (post)

AK-128 - Bobcat

"Not Threatened" Category:
AK-62 - Sand Cat

AK-63 - Margay

"Vulnerable" Category:
AK-68 - Cheetah

AK-75 - African Lion

AK-169 - Clouded Leopard

"Endangered" Category:
AK-81 - Snow Leopard

AK-82 - Bengal Tiger

AK-178 - Siberian Tiger

AK-182 - Asiatic Lion

"Extinct" Category:

AK-98 - Sabre-Toothed Cat