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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Great Big Cat Safari - Ocelot Captured~!

About a month ago I announced the start of The Great Big Cat Safari - my quest to collect all of the cats in the 2011 UD Goodwin Animal Kingdom set.  I've added a page to track the collection (see the right side of the page), and today we are announcing the second addition to the set, the Ocelot!:

The Ocelot is found in South and Central America.  As you can see, they resemble a smaller version of the Jaguar, weighing between 18 and 40 pounds.  They are nocturnal and fiercely territorial, sometimes fighting to the death.  They frequently spend their days up in trees, that is of course until it is time to deliver death from above.  They dine on various small mammals, reptiles, birds and fish.  In captivity they can live as long as 20 years.

In addition to capturing the Ocelot, there was a recent Sabre-Toothed Cat sighting on eBay.  This is of course the rarest of all the cats, and I assumed it might be a bit pricey.  The list price on the auction? - $3,000 or best offer.  I'll let Geoff Peterson sum up my reaction.  Geoff?....

Thank you, Geoff.

Now I know that just because it is listed for $3000 doesn't mean that it's really worth that, but still, not a good sign for my chances of adding that one to the collection.


  1. Whoa, I missed this last month! Glad that our trade spawned a new collection for you! Those patch cards are definitely cool. We may come into competition over the Bengal Tiger someday - I've got the Wolverine - and the Bengal is the one other "Mascot" of one of my favorite teams!

    BTW, I wouldn't get too hung up on the sabre tooth card - completing the other 9 would still be pretty sweet. And the would fit into a 9-pocket sheets, except those things are so thick there's no way for that!

  2. I never would have thought I would have EVER been into any subsets of non-baseball cards, but thanks to the likes of A&G, I sometimes get a kick out of pulling a dinosaur and ... well, wait ... who wouldn't get a kick out of pulling a dino card?

  3. Did you say dinosaur cards!?! Why haven't we been collecting the dinosaur cards!?!?