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Monday, January 10, 2011

2010-11 Score Hockey 2 Box Break

After seeing some favorable reviews (and needing to satisfy my pack-busting urge with something cheap) I decided to purchase some 2010-11 Score Hockey.  I historically have not collected hockey cards, but I've started to become something of a fan of the sport and this just sounded like a fun, cheap set to collect.  My girlfriend decided to buy a box as well, so the results of 2 boxes are as follows:

Base Set - 296 out of 500 (59.2% of the set), 74 doubles
Glossy Parallels - 72, including 6 Hot Rookie glossies (3 per box), no doubles
Hot Rookies - 21 out of 50, 15 doubles
Playoff Heroes - 12, 5 doubles
Net Cam - 6, no doubles
Sudden Death - 4, 2 doubles
Snow Globes - 2, no doubles
Franchise - 1 (Hemsky)
20th Anniversary Parallel - 1 (Hot Rookie McCarthy)
French Back Parallel - none

I unfortunately also did not get any of the autos or rookie redemption cards.  I wasn't surprised to not get an auto, since those seem to be fairly rare, but some of the other posts I've seen around the Net said there was supposed to be one rookie redemption per box, so it seems odd that I wouldn't get one in TWO boxes...

There were both some big positives and negatives from this break:

The Positives - the card stock feels really sturdy for such a cheap set; good photography, there were a good number of shots that made me stop and say "that's a cool one!"; while the set design didn't do much for me personally, I understand that it is a recreation of the 1990-91 Score set so I'm sure it's fun for long-time hockey collectors; a couple of really nice insert sets in the Net Cams and Snow Globes

And perhaps most importantly, I got a net cam of former Milwaukee Admirals goalie, Peeeeeeekkaaaaaaaaaaa  Rrrrrrrrrine~!

(As an aside, I think Panini/Score missed out on the Snow Globes cards.  I think it is a FANTASTIC theme for an insert set, and don't get me wrong, I do like these cards, BUT if ever a set needed just a little holo-foil or some type of glittery visual effect it's this one!!  I know this is a base card set, but they already shelled out to do the die-cutting, couldn't they have gone just one more step to complete the snow globe look??  To me, that omission made the difference between merely a "good" insert set and a "great" one that I would have gone out of my way to collect!)

And The Negatives - really there is just one, but it's a big one - the horrible collation of the insert sets.  Considering these were two boxes out of the same case, it is simply unacceptable that the second box produced 15 of the same 18 Hot Rookies, 5 of the same 6 Playoff Heroes inserts, and the exact same 2 Sudden Death inserts.  Having 20% (74 out of 340) of the total base cards from the 2 boxes turn out to be doubles also seemed like a large number for a 500 card set, but I probably could have ignored that if it hadn't been so bad for the inserts.  Get it together Panini!!

On the whole, this did accomplish my goal of a fun and inexpensive way to bust some packs.  I saw some jumbo packs (i think 55 cards) at Target for $5, so I think I'll pick up a few of those and try to finish the set.

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  1. You know I busted 5 boxes only got 2 snoglobes, but finally got at least one rookie redemption auto. I saw a sell sheet somewhere where it was on there that they there would be one rookie redemption per box but I also saw somewhere else that the redemption autos are more like a case hit. That being said I after 5 boxes and a shit ton of rack packs I still don't have a complete set not even of the base, let alone the sp and ssp cards. Which I ended up pulling one or two of. I've got a ton of extras and I think I'm ready to help out with your series 2 and update needs just shoot me a needs list. You can find my current needs list at my blog. I finally figured out how to do a stand alone page for that. Oh and before I write a book, I totally agree about the snoglobes. I was thinking that when I put up my top 5 insert sets the other day. A little refractor or foil on those cards would have made them even better, and the there is absolutly no numbered cards in the set, I thought maybe the snoglobes couldna been numbered, they are by far my favorite inserts in the set with netcam a very close second, just nice photos on those cards