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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Possible Steal from eBay

The latest addition to the Griffey Collection was the result of a random impulse bid on eBay:

1998 Pinnacle Platinum Gold Promo #53

I bid on this card on a whim when I was looking to see if any of the Pinnacle Bankruptcy Griffeys were out there, having just become aware of their existence when I stumbled onto this website: (I was looking for the Pinnacle Select Griffeys.  If anyone ever sees these out there in the marketplace, let me know please!!)

I was paying so little attention when I bid on the card that I didn't even notice that it was a promo card and not the regular version (yes, I somehow missed the giant "SAMPLE" in the picture.  I blame the small screen on my cell phone).  I decided to look and see if there were any other versions of this promo on eBay and what they are selling for, and much to my surprise I found three others selling for buy it now prices of $48, $60, and $120!  Now this doesn't necessarily reflect the true price, since we all know people will sometimes list cards for super high prices hoping some sucker will buy it, but still it made me feel awful good that I got mine for a grand total of $7.69~!

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  1. Hi,
    You left a comment on my blog awhile back about helping with the UD masterpices set. I have just updated my need list.

    I have quite a few 2010 Topps update cards, do you have a list of what you need for those. & which black framed cards do you need from masterpieces?

    email me at derekhill1 at