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Monday, March 28, 2011

It Came From the Card Closet~!! - Part 1

With my Mom trying to sell her house I've had to finally go through my old closet full of baseball cards.  Among the piles and piles of 1992 Donruss, 1988 Topps, and 1993 Score (along with plenty of other junk wax sets) I've come across some interesting stuff that I had forgotten I even had.  I plan to put up a series of posts chronicling the forgotten, cool, and in some cases just plain odd things I find as I get everything into something resembling order.

Today, I have the first of a few different sets of cards I got as fan giveaways at Brewer games years ago.  This group of 4 marked the opening of the Brewers Walk of Fame that now lines the sidewalks around Miller Park.  They began with the 4 players that have had their numbers retired by the organization:

Hammerin' Hank Front
And Back
Since starting with Aaron, Fingers, Molitor, and Yount they have added over a dozen  others, including fan favorites Cecil Cooper and Gorman Thomas, legendary broadcaster Bob Uecker, and also Milwaukee Braves greats Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews.

Previous trivia question:

The original Milwaukee Brewers, one of the American League's 8 charter franchises in 1901, eventually turned into what current big league team?

Answer: The original Milwaukee Brewers left town after just one season, becoming the hapless St. Louis Browns.  After 52 seasons in St. Louis the team moved again, and they became the Baltimore Orioles in 1954.

Today's trivia question:

In July 1993, Ken Griffey Jr. tied a big league record by homering in 8 consecutive games.  What other 2 players also accomplished that feat? (hint: one of them just became the manager of a major league team)


  1. Don Mattingly and Dale Long

  2. Bingo! Now the question is did you know it, or google it? ;)

  3. That one I knew. It's something I've known since I put stickers in my 1988 Panini sticker book.

  4. Awesome. I used to LOVE those sticker books. Hell, I'd probably collect them now if they still made one for baseball!