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Friday, September 2, 2011

Mega-hit Insanity at Pack Wars (But Unfortunately Not For Me)

I went to Pack Wars for the first time in a while last week Thursday.  No really big pulls for me, but I did snag a few hits that I intend to post sometime in the next couple days.  I did however witness two amazing pulls.

First off, for my fellow wrestling fans - we were cracking some packs of the Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling cards.  I think the box promises 7 hits per box or something ridiculous like that.  One guy pulled one of the Ric Flair suit letter patches (letter "A") - I would love to put together a set of those!  But the mega-hit was a "1 of 5" SEVEN autograph card - 4 sigs on the front and 3 on the back.  The signers were:

1. Mr. Anderson (or Mr. Kennedy, as he is better known)
2. Rob Van Dam
3. Matt Hardy
4. Jeff Hardy
5. Sting
6. Ric Flair
7. Hulk Hogan

That's a helluva laundry list of names right there for one card.  It is a little ridiculous having so many on one card, just because ultimately there is little room for pictures of the people in question, but still very, very cool!

Then came the truly insane hit.  One guy decided to splurge on an ultra high-end pack of Upper Deck All-Time Greats Basketball (the price was something like $300-350 for one tin, I forget exactly how much).  I was told that this same guy had bought a pack from the store a week or two before and pulled a Jordan auto.  Well, this time he outdid himself:

Yes, that is a 1 of 5 flipbook dual auto of Magic and Lebron.  Jack. Pot.

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