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Monday, September 12, 2011

Topps Series 2 Hits from Target

I grabbed a few packs of Topps Series 2 on my last trip to Target.  I never expect all that much from retail packs, but these turned up a couple nice pulls!

A regular short print AND a platinum diamond short print!

I couldn't believe my good luck, but then I thought "wait a minute, I pulled a Diamond Giveaway card from one of the packs too."  Surely my luck could only continue!  I rushed to the website, entered the code, and.....

Ah well.  Two out of three ain't bad.

Previous Trivia Question:

Who were the 5 members of the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame class?

Answer: Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, and Christy Mathewson made up the first HOF class. 

Today's Trivia Question:

The Brewers' George Kottaras became the first player to hit for the cycle in 2011 last week.  How many times has a player hit for the cycle in big league history?

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  1. I saw a list once of Angels who had done it and it was only like 5 people, and Fregosi had done it twice. So assuming Angels would be in the middle, I will say 175 players have hit for a cycle. That's just a wild guess.