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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trade With Collector's Crack

It's been a crazy couple weeks, but finally I'm back here at the blog.  I need something to take my mind off the 4-run first inning the Cardinals just hung on Gallardo, so let's talk about a recent trade.  I'll probably put some live commentary on the game in here as well (Hey, the Brewers got 2 runs back! Progress~!)

I've done a few trades now with Mark over at Collector's Crack.  Once again this time I was sending him some of the Kimball minis he so loves, along with some other assorted cards, and in return he sent me a nice chunk of cards.

(6 straight hits for Pujols. Here's an idea -BRUSH HIM THE FUCK BACK!!!)

First up, a nice stack of Topps Heritage:

I'm almost done with the non-SP base set, I'm missing about 15 or so.  Mark was also kind enough to include several of the Flashback inserts and a couple New Age Performers, which was much appreciated.

(The Cardinals didn't score for one inning.  More progress~!)

Next up, a handful of last year's Score Hockey.
I've never collected a hockey set before, but this one sucked me in with the cheap price and those cool Snow Globe inserts.  Come to think of it, I still need to go back and look for those on eBay....

(Kotsay redeems himself!!!  We'll try to pretend that faceplant in the 1st inning didn't happen.)

Finally, Mark included a pair of Griffeys.

I like this one a lot.  The picture of Griffey and his name are embossed on the card, and the background is cool.  I'd love to see this card done Chrome-style.

This one is a bit of a mystery, I'm not exactly sure where it came from.  It has the "Sunoco" and "Atlantic" logos on the back, so maybe they were handed out at gas stations?

Thanks for another great trade Mark!.  And I feel better now, the Brewers are right back in this game at 4-3.  We may win this thing yet!!

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