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Friday, October 14, 2011

Trade With The Lifetime Topps Project

Charlie at Lifetime Topps Project is a previous trade partner of mine, and we recently finished another deal.

I sent him a little of this and a little of that - some Kimballs, a couple 2011 Topps inserts, a Heritage SP, one of the Heritage Jackie Robinsons, and a few cards from Lineage.

For me, he sent over a handful of Heritage:

A nice lot of 2011 Topps Inserts:

He also included a few 2011 Topps base cards from Series 2.  I'm missing just a few for the set now.

Finally, and most importantly, he checked 7 more off my Platinum Diamond list!

Thanks Charlie!

Previous Trivia Question:

Who are the 4 members of baseball's 40/40 club? (Hint: all four 40/40 seasons occured within the last 25 years)

Answer: Jose Canseco (1988), Barry Bonds (1996), Alex Rodriguez (1998), Alfonso Soriano (2006)

Today's Trivia Question:

Who did the Chicago Cubs play in the first official night game at Wrigley Field?


  1. Thanks to you as well! I have no clue who they played - but I know it was 1988 from when I did my season re-cap.

  2. i think they played the mets...

  3. Phillies. I was there the day before in a protest of putting lights at Wrigley. The night of the first night game we drove up to Milwaukee to sit and watch a rainout. Cool.