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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trade with Lifetime Topps Project

Why doesn't anybody tell me these things?!?

That was my reaction when I found out about the Animal Kingdom patches in this year's UD Goodwin set.  Obviously I wasn't paying much attention to that one since I wasn't planning on collecting it.  But as soon as I saw one of the cards I was hooked.  There was one particular animal on the checklist that stood out - the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog.  My fiance and I are members at the Milwaukee County Zoo, and the prairie dogs are her favorite ones to visit.

I went straight to eBay to try and find one, but came up empty.  I decided to do a Google image search just so I could see what it looked like.  In an amazing coincidence, I clicked on the first image that popped up and it took me straight to the Lifetime Topps Project blog.  Of all the possible image sources out there, I came up with one from a blog that I had already done a couple of trades with!  It turns out that Charlie had pulled the exact animal patch I wanted and posted about it back in July.  A few quick e-mails, and we had a deal!

He also had acquired a few more platinum diamonds since our last trade, which he was kind enough to throw in on this deal:

Thanks a bunch Charlie!

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  1. While I think the animal patches are cool, I believe that you should focus your interest more on individual baseball player cards. Craig Counsell is a nice young man to begin with! :)