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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cool New Griffey - 1995 Studio Gold Credit Card

My fiance recently gave me a surprise gift of cards - the entire 50-card set of 1995 Studio Gold Credit Cards!  I had never even heard of these before, but they are very cool.

As you can see, the card is designed to look just like a real credit card, complete with plastic card stock, embossed lettering, a hologram of the team logo, and a "signature" on the back.  The American and National League logos in the background are a nice touch.

Here are a couple more examples:

Apparently the first 25 cards of the set have Platinum versions as well - I'll most definitely be picking up the Griffey!  If you collect any of the players on the checklist below, I would highly recommend picking up their card.  It will make a unique addition to your player collection!

1 Frank Thomas
2 Jeff Bagwell
3 Don Mattingly
4 Mike Piazza
5 Ken Griffey Jr.
6 Greg Maddux
7 Barry Bonds
8 Cal Ripken
9 Jose Canseco
10 Paul Molitor
11 Kenny Lofton
12 Will Clark
13 Tim Salmon
14 Joe Carter
15 Albert Belle
16 Roger Clemens
17 Roberto Alomar
18 Alex Rodriguez
19 Raul Mondesi
20 Deion Sanders
21 Juan Gonzalez
22 Kirby Puckett
23 Fred McGriff
24 Matt Williams
25 Tony Gwynn
26 Cliff Floyd
27 Travis Fryman
28 Shawn Green
29 Mike Mussina
30 Bob Hamelin
31 David Justice
32 Manny Ramirez
33 David Cone
34 Marquis Grissom
35 Moises Alou
36 Carlos Baerga
37 Barry Larkin
38 Robin Ventura
39 Mo Vaughn
40 Jeffrey Hammonds
41 Ozzie Smith
42 Andres Galarraga
43 Carlos Delgado
44 Lenny Dykstra
45 Cecil Fielder
46 Wade Boggs
47 Gregg Jefferies
48 Randy Johnson
49 Rafael Palmeiro
50 Craig Biggio

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