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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trade with Play at the Plate

This morning I finally got to do some long overdue card scanning, several posts worth in fact.  For starters, the cards I got from Brian at Play at the Plate.  I sent him an assortment of Texas Rangers a while back, and a couple weeks later I received a nice package in return - a group of Platinum Diamonds!

This lot pushes my total Platinum Diamond collection over 400!  Thanks a lot Brian!

Previous  Trivia Question:

What is the record for most home wins in a single season by one team?
A: The 1961 New York Yankees won 65 out of 81 home games.  The 1975 Cincinnati Reds own the National League record with 64 home wins.
Today's Trivia Question:
Through the 2011 season there have been 107 World Series - how many were won by the National League?

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