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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Last Look at 2010 Topps

In anticipation of the launch of the 2011 set tomorrow, I thought I would take one last look at some of my favorite shots from last year's set.  (Actually I just hope I get the chance to pick up my box tomorrow, because there is a helluva blizzard starting up outside!)

US-28 - Bill Hall

Perfect timing by the photographer, getting the ball right on the bat.  Man am I glad the Brewers don't have his contract on the books anymore.

US-169 - Ryan Ludwick

The classic "Safe?...Please?" look

117 - David DeJesus

I wish cards like this said on the back whether or not he made the catch.

214 - Matt Kemp

Ditto for Matt Kemp.  This looks like it probably sucked 2 seconds later.

53 - Craig Counsell

A hometown favorite, he still turns a pretty double play!

227 - Josh Thole

I love the dirt flying up in this shot.  The look on his face is exactly why I only slide feet first.

234 - Tampa Bay Rays Franchise History

Awesome job capturing that great moment of jubiliation after the final out.

US-113 Brad Ziegler

OWWW!!!  I've seen a lot of cards where the pitcher's arm is bent funny, but this one makes me think Mr. Ziegler has an appointment with Mr. Tommy John in his future

143 - Omar Vizquel

Two things - one, how is this man still playing? Two, how can he still have ups like that at age 43??

237 - Brew Crew Knockout

We need to see lots of these this year.  It's so cool to be collecting again in a time when the Brewers have, you know, actual star players.

220 - Randy Johnson

I just love the image of all 6 feet 10 inches of Randy Johnson sailing through the air.  Of COURSE this card had to be horizontal, it wouldn't fit any other way!
And finally, my absolute favorite card from the set, and one of my new all time favorites:
1 - Prince Fielder
I was watching this game live when it happened and it was one of the coolest celebrations ever, and I'm not just saying that as a Brewers fan.  I'm glad Topps didn't wimp out and pass on this shot after so many people around the league were bitching and moaning about the Brewers showing up the Giants, no class, blah blah, most people, I get annoyed when pro athletes are mugging for the cameras after doing nothing (like making a routine tackle), or worse, doing it when their team is losing. But come on - Prince had just hit a walk off home run in front of the home crowd late in what had become a disappointing season for the Brewers......Geez, just let them have a little fun out there!!
Equally funny was that the next time the Brewers had a walk off hit (I think it was like a week later) the team just disappeared into the clubhouse in seconds, no celebration, lest they get some other people's panties in a bunch.

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  1. I love those shots.

    Also, sorry I am late in getting to you, but I plan on going through my series 1 and 2 cards tommorrow and seeing what doubles I have as well as making an updated list of my needs. I only have about ten update cards sadly and still debating rather I want to collect them. Do you have a list of your need anywhere?