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Friday, April 8, 2011

It Came From the Card Closet~!! - Part 2

My second in a series of posts on what I found while cleaning out my old closet full of baseball cards.  :)

In one of the many, many piles of cards I found a whole cache of Younts all grouped together, and surprisingly (given how they were stored) they also are in excellent shape.  For whatever reason most of them were 1980s Donruss, so let's take a trip through the decade!:

Unfortunately, 1985 is the one year I didn't have in this stack.

I LOVE this painting of Yount.  This is one of my new favorite cards of all time!

It was so cool finding these in the middle of a random stack of commons.  I seem to recall deciding to gather up all of my Yount cards around the same time as I decided to start a Griffey collection.  Obviously the Yount collection didn't quite get off the ground.  Better late than never!

Previous Trivia Question:

I actually didn't know this until just yesterday when I went looking for Opening Day trivia, but my boy Ken Griffey Jr. is the co-record holder for most home runs on Opening Day with 8.  What Hall of Fame outfielder is he tied with?

Answer:  Frank Robinson also hit 8 homers on Opening Day

Today's Trivia Question:

What dubious distinction is held by pitcher Ken Johnson?

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