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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Thar She Blows~!!" - Super Hit at Pack Wars

My latest trip to Pack Wars was proving to be quite a bummer.  I was limiting my spending this time around, so I was buying fewer packs than usual.  As the end of the night approached I had pulled a whole lot of nuthin'.  The only card of any note came from 2011 Topps Chrome - a Topps Heritage Chrome insert of Ichiro.  A cool card, but nothing to get all that excited about.  I was barely even paying attention when I noticed they were breaking a box of 2011 Topps Finest.  When I heard they were going with $7 a pack I said "ah what the heck, I'll take one"......

That's when I pulled, as the guy next to me called it, a "white whale."

Brandon Beachy One of One Yellow Printing Plate Dual Patch Auto
How awesome is THAT?!?  That's only my second ever one-of-one, and my first ever printing plate.  WITH patches. AND an auto.  AND featuring a hot rookie pitcher too!!

I almost felt a little bad for the guy next to me - he wasn't paying attention when the store owner was checking to see who wanted packs, so the owner had momentarily skipped over him to give me my pack and then went back to him.

I almost felt bad.  ;)